Prop Model: Trash Dumpster
Personal Project / Game Art

PropModel: Trash Dumpster

Textured to look like a steel metal that is painted and rusty. Other textures include rubber wheels and plastic lid.

This model was made with a combination of several other props like wheels,lid and arms using about 12,000 verts total with four 2048x2048 textures applied.

The dumpster is also showcased second in low poly 8,000 verts for the dumpster with smaller size textures 1024X 1024 with several other additional prop models 2x4, broken 2x4 and rustynails, cardboardboxes, trashbags, sodacans, soda bottle, trashpaper, newspaper, dvdboxes,soda cans, commercial packaging and carryout stryafoam containers.

Tested and game ready for both UE4 and Source engine.

Tools : Maya, Adobe Audition and Photoshop, Unreal 4, Substance Designer, zBrush and xnormal/crazybump.


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