UE4: Physician's Examroom
University Project / Game Art

A physician's examroom that you may visit quite frequently based on your current health status.

Responsible for all planning, prop assets, textures and blockout.

Course Objective: Model and Texture an environment accurately and proportionally based on a single image photograph. 36 Models/textures

Outcome: 52 Models and Textures with animated doors, lights, textures, sounds, overlays, sprites and particles.

It's a working bug free and playable game environment for UE4. It has a coded light switch, flash light and door that opens and closes. The cabinets open and close on the vanity and exam table. Water is coded to come out of the faucet. Sounds were also made for the computer and buzzing/ flickering light.

Scene rendered in UE4

Tools : Maya, Adobe Audition and Photoshop, Unreal 4, Substance Designer, zBrush and xnormal/crazybump.


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