Personal Project / Game Art

This environment was my 4th working playable game environment for counter-strike: Global Offensive. It was designed specifically for teamplay and hardcore team tactics. The orginal layout was designed by someone else and re-designed by me to better suit counter-strike Global Offensive. The models in the environment consisted of custom models made in Maya and Photoshop. The csgo tool kit was used to bring in older csgo models that no longer work with the new update.. The orginal designer of this map did not optimize it. The map had terrible z fighting, faceting and geometry that was not layed out correctly. The map did not work for CSGO and 92% of the map had to be deleted and relayed out before it would work. This map is currently being reworked by me to comply with the most current update (operation wildfire). This map still works with the operation wildfire update but most of the older models do not work when the game is being played.

Some of the particles, models, sounds and custom textures were made by me using valves tool kit, Maya and Photoshop.

The map has working bot navigation system for single player use.

The map was made with an overhead view for the use of personal navigation and team play coordination.

Map download link : Link to map download removed because of bugs issue with theoperation wildfire update.


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