UE4: Space Station Sci-Fi
Full Sail University Projects

A Space Station that orbits outside of the Saturn/Jupiter sector in the year 2066. The space station houses military personal, scientists and civilians who live and work in space.

Designed specifically for my level design and layout class sci-fi project.

Responsible for all planning, prop assets, textures and blockout.

Course Objective: 5 Main Models (Floor, Ceiling, Wall, Pillar, Lights) 3 rooms designed and layed out with textures.

Outcome: 32 Models 10 rooms with animated doors, lights, textures, sounds, overlays, sprites and particles.

Scene rendered in UE4

Tools : Maya, Adobe Audition and Photoshop, Unreal 4, Substance Painter and Designer, zBrush and xnormal/crazybump.


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Michael Banks - Environment Artist | www.banks3d.com