Open/Closed Beta Testing Experience (QA TESTER)
Maya 2009-2016
Zbrush 4R5-4R7
Substance Designer 5.0 + Painter 2.0+
Quixel Suite 2.0 (Ddo, Ndo)
Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash CS6
UE4, UDK, Cryengine
Crazybump, xNormal,Photoshop Plugin
Visual Studio C++ 2010-2014 Express
Source SDK 2009-2013
Left 4 Dead Authoring Tools
Counter-strike:GO SDK
G.E.C.K Garden of Eden Creation Kit
3ds Max
Premier Pro
Dreamweaver CS6
Nuke 8.0v6
Notepad ++
Adobe Audition CS6
VTFedit v1.34
Komplete 9
Wacom tablet
Nikon D3200
Kompletre Kontrol S61
Mac or PC
Spray Paint
Acrylic/Latex Paint
Paint Marker
Programs Tools and Knowledge

First Person Shooters (FPS)

Counter-strike 1.2 - 1999-2000 (Closed) - Role: QA tester (mike4prez) (PC) - Sierra

Battlefield 1942 - 2001-2003 (Closed) - Role: QA tester (groundhogusmc) (PC) - (EA Games)

Planetside - 2002-2004 (Closed/Open) - Role QA tester (jibbity) (PC) (Sony Online Entertainment)

Joint Operations Typoon Rising - 2003-2004 (Open) - Role: QA tester (seadogusmc) (PC) (Novalogic)

Battlefield 3 - 2010-2011 (Open) - Role: QA tester (seadogusmc) (PS3+PC) (DICE)


Massive Multiplayer Online (MMO)

Everquest - 1999-2000 (Closed/Open) - Role QA tester (sarogen/taruk) (PC) (Sony Online Entertainment)

Shadowbane - 2002-2004 (Closed/Open) - Role QA tester (murdoc/mordoc/firstmate) (PC) (Wolfpack Studio's / Ubisoft)

World of Warcraft - 2003-2004 (Closed/Open) - Role QA tester (yummy) (PC) (Blizzard Entertainment)


MIKE BANKS - Environment Artist/Designer/Programmer/Character Artist/Gameplay Designer



Mike is currently seeking a long term career as a senior 3D environment artist or senior project manager. His passion is producing content for videogames. He is very profrssional when it comes to creating 3D prop models, sculpting human figures, concepting new ideas, building and coding environment effects and sounds and texturing assets. His hobbies are 3D modeling/sculpting, level design, gameplay design and indoor/outdoor photography. He extensive experience using the world builder programs HAMMER editor, G.E.C.K, and UE4. In 2007, he started using Autodesk Maya to build 3D models and began to research Game Arts and scripting for source engine games prior to attending Fullsail University in 2013. In 2010 he made a few contributions to the Counter-strike gaming community by building three maps using Valves Hammer Editor and Tools. He also researched how to manipulate valves source code in 2012. He completed his Bachelors of Science in Game Arts at Full Sail University here in 2016. Prior to attending Game Arts at Full Sail University he earn several certifications in architectual design, drawing, c++ coding, scripting and web design at Anne Arundel Community College in Arnold, Maryland. He has also taken several traditional 2D human and environment drawing courses at (MICA) the Maryland Institute College of Art in Baltimore Maryland. Mike was born, raised and currently lives in Pasadena, Maryland.

Degrees / Certifications

Full Sail University Alumni - Bachelor of Science Degree in Game Arts - May 06, 2016

Anne Arundel Community College - Certificate of Web Design - May 5, 2013

Anne Arundel Community College - Certificate Photoshop: Web Graphics and Design - Feburary 2, 2013

Anne Arundel Community College - Certificate Intro to C++ Programming - August 9, 2013

Anne Arundel Community College - Certificate Intro to PHP and MSQL- June 6, 2013

Anne Arundel Community College - Certificate Intermediate PHP and MSQL- July 12, 2013



Zombie Panic Source - zps_creek (SOUND/3D MODELER/LEVEL DESIGNER)

Counter-strike: Global Offensive - aim_iraq , awp_ruins, de_museum, de_contra (SOUND/3D MODELER/LEVEL DESIGNER)

Left 4 Dead 2: BCPS_policestation (SOUND/SCRIPTING/LEVEL DESIGNER)

No More Room in Hell - TBA