Open/Closed Beta Testing Experience (QA TESTER)

Maya 2009-2020
Zbrush 4R5-4R7-2020
Substance Designer 5.0 + Painter 2.5+
Quixel Suite 2.0 (Ddo, Ndo)
Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash CS6
UE4, UDK, Cryengine
Crazybump, xNormal,Photoshop Plugin
Visual Studio C++ 2010-2014 Express
Source SDK 2009-2013
Left 4 Dead Authoring Tools
Counter-strike:GO SDK
G.E.C.K Garden of Eden Creation Kit

Marmoset toolbag

3ds Max
Premier Pro
Dreamweaver CS6
Nuke 8.0v6
Notepad ++
Adobe Audition CS6
VTFedit v1.34
Komplete 9
Wacom tablet
Nikon D3200
Kompletre Kontrol S61
Mac or PC
Spray Paint
Acrylic/Latex Paint
Paint Marker
Programs Tools and Knowledge

First Person Shooters (FPS)

Counter-strike 1.2 - 1999-2000 (Closed) - Role: QA tester (mike4prez) (PC) - Sierra

Battlefield 1942 - 2001-2003 (Closed) - Role: QA tester (groundhogusmc) (PC) - (EA Games)

Planetside - 2002-2004 (Closed/Open) - Role QA tester (jibbity) (PC) (Sony Online Entertainment)

Joint Operations Typoon Rising - 2003-2004 (Open) - Role: QA tester (seadogusmc) (PC) (Novalogic)

Battlefield 3 - 2010-2011 (Open) - Role: QA tester (seadogusmc) (PS3+PC) (DICE)


Massive Multiplayer Online (MMO)

Everquest - 1999-2000 (Closed/Open) - Role QA tester (sarogen/taruk) (PC) (Sony Online Entertainment)

Shadowbane - 2002-2004 (Closed/Open) - Role QA tester (murdoc/mordoc/firstmate) (PC) (Wolfpack Studio's / Ubisoft)

World of Warcraft - 2003-2004 (Closed/Open) - Role QA tester (yummy) (PC) (Blizzard Entertainment)


MIKE BANKS - Game Artist / Designer



Welcome to my website. Hope you enjoy seeing the art content that I have created over the years. Just to let you know I am always trying to better my work so I am always adding new and updating my art content.

Now a little about me I have an extreme passion for modeling and designing in 3D wether that be working with any of these programs Maya, Zbrush, Substance painter, Unreal Engine, Blender or Photoshop. I also like to draw 2D concept art and design or re-design technologies. I dabble in c++ gameplay programming and animation. I have worked with sound and particle sprites in the past. I use to beta some of the top games for the fun of it.

My interests for landing a career job right now would be ideal in working with space exploration, transportation, cybertronics or videogames. Anything sci-fi sparks a huge interest to me and gets my brain juices flowing. Ideal work environment would be to work at video game studio or office building, designing and/or overseeing or working along side fellow teammates. Collaborating and designing or just being a part of the NASA space exploration team designing living habitats for humankinds interplanetary survival or working with the EPA to design new ways to make earth a safer and cleaner place to live!


Degrees / Certifications

Full Sail University Alumni - Bachelor of Science Degree in Game Arts - May 06, 2016

Anne Arundel Community College - Certificate of Web Design - May 5, 2013

Anne Arundel Community College - Certificate Photoshop: Web Graphics and Design - Feburary 2, 2013

Anne Arundel Community College - Certificate Intro to C++ Programming - August 9, 2013

Anne Arundel Community College - Certificate Intro to PHP and MSQL- June 6, 2013

Anne Arundel Community College - Certificate Intermediate PHP and MSQL- July 12, 2013



Zombie Panic Source - zps_creek (SOUND/3D MODELER/LEVEL DESIGNER)

Counter-strike: Global Offensive - aim_iraq , awp_ruins, de_museum, de_contra (SOUND/3D MODELER/LEVEL DESIGNER)

Left 4 Dead 2: BCPS_policestation (SOUND/SCRIPTING/LEVEL DESIGNER)

No More Room in Hell - TBA